Among the many services we offer at Gladesville Veterinary Hospital, we have a dedicated grooming service to take care of your pet’s “bad hair day”.

Our groomer, Corinne Cucek, is available every weekday by appointment.  Corinne has been involved in pet grooming since 1999 and joint the Gladesville team in 2013.  Her skills range from a basic shampoo and blowdry to professional clipping of dog breeds such as Poodles and Schnauzers.

Every groom will routinely have nails clipped, ears checked.  Anal glands expression and flea and tick treatments can be administered if necessary.

She happily grooms cats for the purr-fect effect that our feline friends love.


One of the many advantages of having in-house grooming in the hospital is that if we have a dog or cat who is unduly anxious about the procedure, they can be sedated under veterinary supervision.

Sedation is sometimes especially necessary for some cats, and one of Corinne’s fundamental principles is that she will not put animals through any unnecessary distress for the sake of appearances; while in most cases it is not necessary, she has no hesitation in asking one of the vets for sedation if her “client” is showing signs of being upset.

General Information

If during any grooming procedure she notices any health issues with the pet, she will draw it to the owner’s and the vet’s attention.

Corinne is also committed to the principle of regular grooming so that things don’t get out of hand, resulting in dogs and cats becoming distressed by overgrown coats.

Corinne is always available to discuss your requirements and expectations when your pet is admitted for its grooming procedure.

Appointments can be made via our receptionists when you pooch or pussy cat is next in need of a grease and oil.