Dog Behaviour Training

Would you like help ensuring your new puppy or rescue dog becomes the well-mannered, welcome family member you want them to be?

Dogs can be challenging, particularly during the puppy and adolescent period. Training plays a vital part in teaching your dog the lessons they need to become a welcome family member. You also need the right information for effective training and management of your dog.

Gladesville Veterinary Hospital is proud to have Delta-qualified dog trainers Fiona Kelly and Janice Adam, who can help and support you to teach you how to train your dog and provide the knowledge and advice you need to manage your dog throughout their life, from puppyhood to adulthood.

Puppy Preschool 

Puppy pre-school is a vital 1st step for all puppies, and introduces them to basic training such as sit, drop, come, name recognition, settling and establishing good behaviour patterns.  Like children, puppies learn very fast at an early age so it is important to take advantage of this period.  Good socialisation and early training will set them up to be well behaved and confident adult dogs.

Puppies need to learn acceptable social manners and gain confidence with good socialisation. Puppy pre-school is run in a fun and friendly environment, where we discuss many common puppy problems such as toilet training, biting and chewing, and your puppy receives vital socialisation and begins to learn appropriate manners while playing with other pups.

Your puppy must be between 8 to 14 weeks of age to attend. This is the “imprinting” or “socialisation” phase of a pup’s life, the time when your pup has the most to gain from attendance at Puppy Pre-School.

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Vaccination and Puppy Preschool:

Vaccination requirements: your pup must have at least had its 6-8-week vaccination. It takes a week for your pup’s immune system to mount a response to a vaccination. Therefore, there is a very slight risk to the pup, until a few days after the 10-week vaccination, but it has been our experience that pups who have all of their recommended shots do not experience problems.


Canine College

Does your dog pull on lead, jump up on your guests, ignore you when you call him to come to you at the park?

If so, Canine College can help!

The most common cause of death for dogs under the age of two is euthanasia due to inappropriate behaviour. Behaviour such as digging, barking and snapping can become an enormous problem in a family’s life. Training provides your dog with skills and guidelines, and it promotes confidence in your dog. At Canine College we teach you how to prevent these behaviours becoming a problem.

Although for most pupils, Canine College is a follow-up from Puppy Pre-school, graduation from Puppy Pre-school is not a pre-requisite – all dogs aged 5 months and older are welcome.  Canine College is run on Saturday mornings and classes are kept small with a maximum 6 dogs.  Two instructors are always present to provide you and your dog with the assistance and attention you need.  The underlying principles of sound dog training are used – kindness and positive reinforcement.

Plus, there is plenty of opportunity for fun when your dog gets to play on the mini-agility course!

Canine College Level 1 Course includes:

Dog Behaviour Training
  • Attention – Getting your dog to look at you
  • Socialisation – Being comfortable with different breeds and aged dogs.  Being relaxed and comfortable with different people
  • Good manners – Sit, drop and stay
  • Meet and greet people on lead
  • Wait at a doorway to let owners through
  • Walking nicely on lead
  • Come when called
  • Calm behaviour – settling on their mat
  • Communicating and understanding your dog – Recognising stress and calming signals in your dog and other dogs
  • Managing common problem behaviour – for example chewing, digging, barking and jumping
  • Basic Agility -not only is it fun, but it reinforces the training learnt in class

Where: Boronia Boy Scout Hall, 21C Farnell St, Hunters Hill.

To book, please contact our reception team on 9817 5758

Bookings are essential