It is an unfortunate reality that the lifespans of our pets are much shorter than our own. It is inevitable for all pet owners that at some stage they will have to face the death of a much-loved companion.   Grief over the loss of a pet has some particular features which can make it [...]

Doggie Day Spa

WINTER CAN BE   BATHTIME TOO…!!!   We can bath and blowdry your pet during the colder months   Grooming services can be provided   Monday—Friday.   Each “Day Spa” includes a bath,   blowdry, ear clean and nail clip.   IT’S NEVER TOO COLD FOR A BATH AT OUR PLACE   BOOK TODAY

Fleas in Winter

Many people unfortunately become quite lax about treating their pets for fleas in the winter. There is a commonly held belief that fleas are less of a problem in the cooler months because of lower ambient temperatures. Although there may be some merit in this it does not take into account the fact that 90% [...]

GVH First Aid Kits for Pets

We at Gladesville are trying to safeguard your pets from coming to harm unnecessarily because of minor accidents which may occur in the park or at home. It is also important to be able to recognise what constitutes an emergency situation that warrants an immediate visit to the hospital, and which situations can wait until [...]

GVH Renovates

GVH is now under reconstruction   You may have noticed that we’re looking more like a demolition site than a veterinary hospital at the moment, but please be assured that it’s business as usual while we undertake our renovations.   We’ll still be conducting consultations in the front part of the building that you’re all [...]

GVH Sponsors Omar

Following the retirement of Bobby from the Riding for the Disabled Association, GVH now has another horse to sponsor - meet Omar, pictured here saddled up and in action.   Over the following months we will keep you informed with how he and his riders are going.   Omar, a palomino, is about 25-26 years [...]

Let Them Eat Figs

We regularly treat native wildlife at Gladesville Vet Hospital and this summer we seem to have seen more injured flying foxes (also known as fruit bats) than ever before. Most of these injuries are caused by humans and with some forethought can be easily prevented.   Grey Headed Flying Foxes are classified as a Vulnerable [...]

Moving House With Your Pet

Moving house can be an exciting and yet it still is a stressful event for us. More often than not, most pets react adversely to such an upheaval. A better transition from one residence to the next with your pet can be achieved by having a contingency plan in place. Breaking the move into 3 [...]

Road Testing Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

I have started with cavaliers largely because many of us believe that these are the sweetest dogs on the planet.   Their temperament is always sweet and happy; they are great with children, old people, families and single people; really they will fit in with any situation. I don’t think I have ever heard of [...]

Road Testing German Shepherds

German Shepherds have always been a popular breed and don’t seem to suffer from the extreme fads of popularity that many other breeds seem to go through. As a rule they are usually loyal companions, they can be very affectionate sooky dogs and they can also be excellent watch dogs. A lot of their behaviour [...]

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