New Arrival – Dr Tim Hugo

New Arrival - Dr Tim Hugo Many of you will have noticed a tall, good-looking, fresh-faced young man roaming the GVH corridors. Please join us in welcoming our new vet, Tim Hugo. Tim grew up in Balgownie; a small suburb on the escarpment of Wollongong surrounded by abundant native fauna, and graduated from [...]

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Renovations – The Continuing Saga

The new look finally takes shape You may have noticed on your last visit to GVH that activity has really stepped up a pace on our renovations. The place has been buzzing with hammering, drilling and banging.   Men in overalls covered in dust and paint stains have been spotted all over the [...]

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Dry Eye

Dry eye (or keratoconjunctivitis sicca as we so fondly know it) is an insidious disease seen in middle aged to older dogs.   The reason for writing about it is to alert people to the problem as, if it is treated when not very advanced, it will respond well to treatment. If untreated it can [...]

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It’s Only a Desexing

Many people are under the impression that a desexing operation is a simple procedure because it’s one that’s commonly performed. Nothing could be further from the truth. Desexing a female dog, for example, is major abdominal surgery. A surgeon who is competent in all the techniques involved and in coping with all the potential intra-operative [...]

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Canine College Level 1 and Level 2 Advanced

At Canine College we concentrate on good manners and good leadership. Kind, gentle, consistent leadership is the key to having a well behaved dog. It is important to have a dog that understands your house rules and trusts you completely. A calm, content dog makes for a happy family.   For those who have done [...]

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Pre Anaesthetic Testing

Pre anaesthetic testing helps us to care for your pet. We recommend it before placing your pet under anaesthetic. As in human medicine the anaesthetics available are extremely safe and as a result the risk is greatly minimised on a healthy animal. However, if your pet is not “healthy” complications can occur both during and [...]

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Caring for Our Senior Pets

Just like their human counterparts, our pets are living longer, better quality lives due to advances in science and preventative medicine. It’s great when we only see your pets once a year for their annual check up and vaccination, but as our pets age, how do we know what is normal for an older animal? [...]

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