Bringing Home Your New Puppy

Congratulations on the new addition to your family!   With a little work, some planning and forethought, your new dog will be a well-behaved companion for years to come. It is important to recognise that first impressions are lasting ones and habits begin to develop from day one. Be sure to instil good manners and [...]


For most of us, Easter is a time of “peak” chocolate consumption. Remember to keep your stash of chocolate eggs, bunnies and bilbies secreted well away from your pets. Chocolate can make dogs extremely ill, and can even be lethal. The toxic ingredient in chocolate is theobromine, the effects of which are somewhat similar to [...]

GVH Staff Activities

The GVH family would like to extend a big welcome to our new vet Adele Lloyd.   Adele comes from the UK where she completed an engineering degree. However, after meeting her Australian husband, she moved to Sydney to achieve her dream of qualifying as a veterinarian. She has 3 rescue dogs, and loves camping [...]

ONLINE Pet Food Orders

You can now order your pet’s food anytime of the day or night. Find out more   Orders will be processed Mondays to Fridays, you can choose to be notified by either phone or email, when their order is ready to be collected.   Payment to be made at the time of collection.

Our Renovations…The Ongoing Saga

The building work on our hospital extension is finally, after many setbacks, again underway. At the time of writing (late February), we already have a roof, and the embryonic beginnings of some internal walls- a source of great celebration among the staff. Our current estimated completion date is June. We can only thank again all [...]

Top Pet Names at GVH

Did you know that Max is the most popular pet name at GVH? Perhaps it is a fitting tribute to our very own Max...Professor Max Zuber..!!!   Following Max in order of popularity are: Jessica/Jessie/Jess combinations Oscar Bella (also the RSPCA’s luckiest name) Sam/Sammy Molly Charlie Coco and Jack in equal place Chloe Ben/Benny/Benji combinations [...]

Victorian Bush Fires

We have all been touched by the tragedy that has gripped Victoria in the terrible heat of this summer. The loss of human life and property has given us pause to reflect on just how fortunate we are, and what are the truly important things in life. We have had numerous enquiries from our clients [...]

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