Pet Insurance

We commonly hear the refrain from clients “if only I’d taken insurance” after they have incurred significant costs for an illness or injury to one of the family pets. At Gladesville Veterinary Hospital we encourage pet insurance and there are some policies that cost less than the equivalent of $1 a day.

We regularly encounter situations where a much-loved pet suddenly requires expensive veterinary treatment – this can be a serious financial strain when it occurs without warning and without budgeting. Health insurance allows peace of mind that in these situations, you can embark on the best course of treatment without having to be concerned about overriding financial considerations.

There are a number of companies in Australia offering pet health insurance, either as a part of house and contents insurance, health insurance, (eg HCF, GIO) or as stand-alone pet policies. As is the situation in the human health insurance field, each one offers various features differentiating them from the competition.

While we believe that health insurance can be helpful in some situations, particularly when your pet may need expensive medical or surgical procedures, neither we nor the Australian Veterinary Association endorse any particular company nor product or company.  However, we are able to submit your claim on your behalf for the vast majority of insurance companies to take the hassle out of the process for you.

Our friendly reception team are happy to field any questions you may have.