Practice Manager

Meg has been an Emergency and Critical Care nurse across multiple specialist centres over the last 2 decades. The last 6 years has seen her add many new skills added to her repertoire including partnerships management on a national scale as well as managing teams of people spread across the country. But once a nurse, always a nurse, Meg’s love for the hospital environment has lead her to find her new home here at Gladesville Vet!

Meg has a great love for good music, good food, good wine and is at her happiest with a good book in her hand whilst relaxing with her family. She, like many in this industry is surrounded by the animals that have chosen to be rescued by her – Potato the special Frenchie, Koba the wonder dog, 11 chooks (including the indomitable and beakless battery rescue hens Rhonda and Hazel), a 21 year old Lorikeet called Berd, 2 snakes, 3 blue tongues and 13 Peron’s Tree Frogs rescued as tadpoles from a bucket.