Dr Fernando BVSc


Fernando Elias has been a Vet for 11 years . He graduated from University of Chile – Chile, qualified in Australia by Australasian Veterinary Boards Council (AVBC), he has a Diploma in Medicine of the Domestic Cat, and is a Current Holder of Licence to handle sealed and unsealed radioisotopes for veterinary diagnosis and treatment.
He spent 2 years working with Dr. Max Zuber in Nuclear Medicine, and is currently leading the department of nuclear medicine at Gladesville Veterinary hospital

I have always liked animals, have had many pets growing up, mostly cats, also most of my family works in the medical area, which I also always liked.
My most memorable moment was the first gift I ever got from a client. It was a card saying thank you for all the help with Minki, a diabetic cat. The words that the client used where so nice and made me feel so good about what I do, Minki has remained one of my favourite patients. I am passionate about being able to help animals to have a good life and even save their lives. I love to work with people that care about animals as I do.
Pets are part of our family, we should look after them and love them as such, also their lives are shorter than ours and we should make sure they have enjoyable plentiful lives.
If have a Cat named Reptile, I adopted him from work as an adult cat, he is a great cat, loves to eat, I have to be very careful not to leave food on the table, he would jump and eat it quickly, he is a bit of a chunky boy, as many cats he can be quite cuddly or cranky, I love him so much.
Outside of work I enjoy hiking , being outside in nature and listening to music. I also play guitar , my GVH friends think I am very good at it !