AVA Annual Conference

Every May brings the Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference and this year Gladesville is to supply two of our vets to speak on the conference program in May. Mark Hocking will be speaking on Trigger Point Therapy and some similarities and contrasts of this with acupuncture. He will also provide a hands on workshop for [...]

“Is your dog on heartworm prevention?”

At one point or another, all dog owners have been asked by a vet or receptionist here at Gladesville Veterinary Hospital, “Is your dog on heartworm prevention?”   So why is heartworm prevention SO important? Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease in dogs, caused by a worm called Dirofilaria immitis.   [...]

Glaucoma in Dogs & Cats

Glaucoma is an increase in pressure inside the eye. It is caused by many eye diseases and is due to obstruction of normal fluid drainage from inside the eye.   This leads to damage to the retina and optic nerve and very quickly leads to vision loss and then to irreversible blindness in dogs. [...]

Keeping Children and Dogs Safe

Studies have found that children left  unsupervised with dogs are at a high risk of being involved in an incident. This was often found to be with family or known dogs, and many times followed harassment, inappropriate handling or accidental/deliberate stepping on the dog by the child.   Sometimes young children want to chastise dogs [...]

Ear Cleaning in Dogs

Ever wonder what is lurking beneath the floppy ears of your pooch? Dogs have L-shaped ear canals, making it very hard for moisture to get out and for air to get in.   The moist, warm environment in the  canal is one that bacteria and yeasts love to replicate in, causing dogs to be [...]

Poisonous Plants

 Tulip (Tulip spp) - Ingestion can result in intense vomiting, depression, diarrhoea hypersalivation, drooling  and lack of appetite.Hyacinth (Hyacinthus oreintalis) - Ingestion can result in intense vomiting, diarrhoea, depression and   tremors.Daffodil (Narcissus spp) - Ingestion can result in severe  gastrointestinal illness, convulsions, seizures, low blood pressure and tremors.Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum spp) - Ingestion can result [...]


Ringworm is the common name for a skin infection caused by one of several Dermatophyte fungi. The name is misleading as the infection has got nothing to do with worms. Ringworm fungi can cause infection in many types of animals, including people, cats and dogs. The disease tends to show as reddish, scaly rings on [...]

Being Alex…

Our front of house kitty tells it like it is.......   You know, for the most part, things around here are pretty good.  I mean, I know I'm hard on these girls but I have to admit they do pretty well at tending to my needs.  But there are a few things that still need [...]

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