Academic Prowess

GVH vets have been quite active lately in the academic field.   The journal “Nature Cell Biology” has recently published an article co-authored by Sandra on the biological behaviour of Herpes virus. The article is the result of research in which Sandra participated while she was a visiting student scholar at Cornell University in 2003. [...]

Bon Voyage

We’re saddened to have to inform you of the departure of our wonderful associate vet Kath Briscoe. Kath came to GVH immediately after graduation from the University of Sydney 18 months ago.   During her time with us she’s endeared herself to staff, clients and patients alike. In mid June she’ll be preparing for her [...]

Cats and Hairballs

As you would have noticed, cats spend a considerable amount of time grooming their coat. If excessive hair is swallowed (for instance in long-haired cats or in cats that over groom) then hair may build up over time in the stomach to form a hairball. Cats with a hairball will often retch or vomit to [...]

Did You Know?

A cat’s heart beats twice as fast as a human heart, at 110 to 140 beats per minute. Tortoiseshell cats are invariably female. The odds of getting a male tortie are about 1000-1. A white cat’s hearing has a lot to do with its eye colour. While white cats with orange eyes are generally fine, [...]

Senior Pets

As our pets are living longer, it is important to be aware of diseases that are going to affect them as they get older as well as what you can do to make a senior pet comfortable. Dogs and cats are considered senior when they reach 7 to 8 years, with larger dogs aging earlier [...]

Tapeworms in Dogs and Cats

Recently, the monthly heartworm and intestinal worm tablet ‘Interceptor’ was changed so that it now includes the anti-tapeworm medication praziquantel and has been re-branded as ‘Interceptor Spectrum’. This means that those dogs which were on ‘Interceptor’ no longer need to be given a separate tapeworm tablet to ensure that they are free of worms. ‘Sentinel [...]

The Delta Purina Partners Program

Delta Society Australia conducts a dog therapy project called the Delta Purina Pet Partners Program.   By December this year almost 500 Delta Purina Pet Partners (trained volunteers & their Delta-accredited pet dogs) will be visiting adults and children in aged care centres, hospitals, respite and rehabilitation centres around Australia to enrich those patients lives. [...]

The New Arrival

We know many of you have been following with keen interest the progress of our receptionist Tracey Carabetta’s pregnancy. We’re happy to announce that she gave birth to the happy, bouncing Brayden at 12.54pm on February 2nd, weighing in at 8lb 1oz and measuring 50.5cm. Mum and bub both came through the experience with flying [...]

Training Your Kitten

When we think of training with our pets, we tend to think of obedience training in dogs and yet mostly just toilet training in cats. Why do we train our dogs to obey us, and yet let our cats train us to obey them? I think a lot of the appeal of a cat is [...]


What to expect after your pet has been vaccinated.   Vaccinations are important in preventing potentially fatal diseases in your pet, and most animals show no signs that they have been vaccinated. Some animals, however, may have a response or reaction to vaccination.   Your pet may be quiet or lethargic for 24 hours after [...]

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