Dental Health

June is Dental Health month at GVH Does your dog have smelly breath? Could your cat sour milk with the fetid odour coming from its mouth?   If you answered yes, then your pet has a problem: it is called PERIODONTAL disease. Periodontal disease is disease of the supporting tissue of the teeth - the [...]

My Cat/Dog is Getting Old

At some time or another all of us as pet owners will be confronted with decisions about the deteriorating health of an old, much-loved pet and wondering whether this is "normal", whether to call the vet yet, whether he/she is still enjoying good quality of life and how to know.   Sometimes it will be [...]

Puppy training, toilet training & care: Why go to Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool will make an invaluable contribution to your dog’s development. Why? It provides the foundations for helping your dog become a terrific mate. Obedience training is started in Puppy Preschool with dogs learning rudimentary commands like sit, stay, come. Training is rewards-based, so the dog is given food treats when it behaves appropriately. This [...]

Ring Worm Puppy Dog Cat: Symptoms & Treatment

There are many different species of ringworm and they come from different sources: animals, man and the environment. The most common agent is Microsporum canis, however a variety of different species result in symptoms of infection.   "Ringworm" is transmitted to man by direct or indirect contact with infected cats, dogs, humans, or contaminated materials. [...]

Talk and Tour with Mark

Are you fascinated by Australian native birds? Have you ever wanted a behind-the-scenes look at what happens in our veterinary hospital? With some drinks and nibblies thrown in?! The next in our series of bimonthly Talk and Tours will be held at 8pm on Friday 6 July. Mark Hocking will show you through the hospital [...]

Waiting Room Fun

Elizabeth (Lizzy) having fun in the waiting room! Lizzie is one of our regular friends, obviously very much at home in the waiting room. The arthritis awareness balloons, that were strategically placed throughout the waiting room, were the only focus of Lizzie's attention.

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