A Sad But Fond Farewell

It is with considerable regret that we have to let you know that Zoe will be leaving the practice at the end of September. Zoe joined GVH in January of 2000, immediately after she graduated with first class honours from the veterinary faculty of Sydney University. Since she arrived she has impressed all with her [...]

Ain’t Misbehavin’!

We’re delighted to announce that after 2 years of solid study Susan has graduated with her Certificate IV in Canine Behavioural Training from the Delta Society. She is now the proud possessor of what is colloquially referred to as the “Canine Good Citizens” Certificate. The programme is based entirely on reward-based training: that is, positive [...]

Anticipating A Happy Event

We are delighted to announce that vet nurse Danni is expecting her first child in mid-October. It’s been awhile since we’ve had any serious reproduction going on about the place (at least not of the human variety), so we’re all rather excited by the prospect. Ann can hardly wait to squeeze in that first bear [...]

Gladesville Ravens Fly With Vets Help

No, this is not a story about our hospital’s long-standing service to the local wildlife population.   This winter the Gladesville Veterinary hospital has become a proud sponsor of the Gladesville Ravens under 6 boys soccer team.   Max Zuber’s daughter Suzanne has been a keen Ravens soccer player for over 14 years and Max [...]

Gladesville Veterinary Hospital Riding For The Disabled Association, Ryde Centre And “Bobby”

RDA – Riding Develops Abilities   The primary objective of RDA is to provide most persons with a disability the opportunity to enjoy therapeutic and recreational horse related activities. Riders include people with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, multiple injuries, Down syndrome, acquired brain injury, intellectual disability, the sight and hearing impaired, amputees etc. [...]

Go West!

After nearly four happy years at GVH, I have decided to make a move west, to Perth, for some more study. It has not been a decision made lightly, I have loved every minute working at Gladesville! I have received an excellent grounding in veterinary clinical science here, and now have been presented with an [...]

Kidney Disease in Cats

What do kidneys do? Kidneys filter the blood and excrete waste products into the urine. They produce hormones for new red blood cell production (Erythropoeiten). They help control blood pressure. They retain water in the body and help keep electrolytes balanced.   What is chronic renal disease insufficiency? It is a slowly progressive disease that [...]

Welcome To Louise

We’ve recently had a new addition to the staff. Louise is a first year vet student who will be helping us out with nursing on the weekends. Prior to starting her veterinary course she had already completed a Science degree, so she comes to GVH with some impressive credentials. The lure of working with puppy [...]

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