The new look finally takes shape

You may have noticed on your last visit to GVH that activity has really stepped up a pace on our renovations. The place has been buzzing with hammering, drilling and banging.
Men in overalls covered in dust and paint stains have been spotted all over the place. Our hopes of finally seeing our palace completed have risen to giddy heights.
We’ve even seen- quite literally- some light at the end of the tunnel, when the board at the end of the corridor was briefly ajar for a few magic moments and we were able to glimpse the new hospital taking shape.
We’re very aware that with this increased activity on site, including the comings and goings of a variety of huge trucks, our parking situation has become even more difficult. We apologise for this, and we really do appreciate your patience.
Hopefully when you too get to glimpse the new facilities that we’ll be offering to your pets in the very near future, you’ll agree that it’s been worth the wait and the inconvenience