Toilet training a puppy can be one of the most frustrating things for a new owner, but it can be accomplished relatively quickly by using the correct technique.
It is important to take the pup outside every hour to allow him to relieve himself. Try to keep your pup in a reasonably confined area so that you can keep an eye out for signs that he may need to go- for example he is more likely to relieve himself if he has just woken up, if he has just had a meal, or if he is sniffing around the floor. When you take him outdoors, allow him 10 minutes to sniff and complete the task, and reward him with lots of praise or even a small treat for a job well done.
If you catch him “in the act”, or just starting to squat inside the house, shout! It doesn’t matter what you shout, just as long as it’s loud enough to distract him from what he’s doing. Then immediately call him so he will follow you to the area where you want him to go to the toilet: again, provide lots of praise for the results and take him back inside.
Don’t punish your pup if he makes a mess inside the house but you don’t actually catch him in the act- he won’t be able to associate the punishment with the mess on the floor. Just clean up the urine or faeces without any fuss. Pups who are punished for messing inside the house are more likely to sneak away out of sight to relieve themselves. It’s much more effective, easy and pleasant to reward your pup for doing the right thing than to punish him for doing the wrong thing. For cleaning up his mess in the house, use an ammonium-free product such as “Bac to Nature”.
By being both persistent and consistent, you will be able to toilet train your puppy very quickly- just remember to always praise and reward him for doing what you ask of him.