A Message from Max

Gladesville Veterinary Hospital


Hi Animal Lovers

We are all impacted by the COVID-19 viral pandemic and we at the Gladesville Veterinary Hospital are striving to provide the best possible service we can in this difficult time.

Many of us have gone through the queues at the arrival halls in our airports and had our bags searched for animal products. Yes, it is an inconvenience but, weighed against this quarantine measure, Australia has remained remarkably free of new infectious diseases in our animal populations.

For generations Veterinarians have led the way in controlling outbreaks of infectious diseases in our animal populations but some of these diseases have decimated particularly our intensively housed animals such and poultry and pigs.

We, as a profession, are aware of the cornerstones in stopping the spread of these diseases by testing, quarantining and vaccination of at-risk populations. We have sometimes been faced with the unenviable task of having to slaughter infected sheep, cattle, pigs and poultry to control epidemics.

While this latter step is a dreadful thing to contemplate in our animals, it stiffens our resolve to personally take all steps we can to quarantine and protect our staff from the likelihood of infection with COVID-19.

80% of veterinary practices in Australia, including Gladesville, have put severe limitations on clients entering veterinary hospitals.

We are still happy to have your pets inside and communicate with you via phone, Facetime, Zoom or other virtual means

We have also undertaken to commence Telemedicine consultations for you at home where again we can communicate by phone, Facetime or Zoom to make a diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment and recommendations to help your pet.

If you have COVID-19, been in contact with an infected person or returned from overseas in the last 2 weeks, we must insist on you not coming to the hospital. However, we are happy to put into practice one of the above Telemedicine options to communicate with you to help sort out solutions for your pet.

If you are self-isolating due to age or other potential issues, we would particularly like to offer you this approach.

These changes have resulted in a need to totally restructure our mode of operation in the last week and, as expected, created some log jams in our delivery of services.

We are aiming to provide our usual high standards of care to all our patients however we will be offering a reduced number of appointments daily and somewhat limited numbers of non-urgent and routine procedures.

The first point of call is to contact us by phone. We can take you through how we can help and inform you of our newly developed biosecurity protocols which enable us to help you and your pets in providing excellence in veterinary care now and in the future.

Emergency cases will, as usual, be given priority.

We wish you and your pets all the best as the country struggles to cope with this terrible disease outbreak.



Max Zuber