Dealing with Major Trauma in your Pet Dog Attacks and Car Accidents
Witnessing a car accident or dog attack on your pet is very stressful, but try not to panic! Traumatised animals most often need urgent veterinary treatment, especially if they are bleeding, extremely lame or moribund (recumbent and unable to get up). They may be experiencing shock (failure of the blood to circulate properly) and may be at serious risk of dying without treatment.
TRY TO STAY CALM! Remove your pet from any more danger. This may mean carrying them off the road. If you have a dog which is too big to lift, try to drag it by the skin behind the neck, or slide it onto a towel which can be used as a stretcher. The most important thing is DO NOT GET BITTEN!!! Animals who are in pain will bite even their beloved owners! If your pet has been attacked by a dog in the park, try to move away from the offending attacker minding your own safety. Wrap your pet gently in a towel or blanket, and put them in a quiet, cool place while you ring GVH to organise a visit.
It is important for animals in shock to stay warm before they start receiving treatment, so keep the injured pet in a blanket till you arrive at the GVH, and try to limit their movement. If the animal is bleeding, you may be able to staunch the bleeding by wrapping towels or pressing on the area, though be careful it may be bruised and sore. Drive safely to the vet.