Studies have found that children left unsupervised with dogs are at a high risk of being involved in an incident. This was often found to be with family or known dogs, and many times followed harassment, inappropriate handling or accidental/deliberate stepping on the dog by the child.

Sometimes young children want to chastise dogs and copy owners who may discipline young active dogs. It is very, very important that all dogs see children as something fun and positive in their lives.

We can prevent dog bites and keep children and dogs safe by acknowledging that firstly all dogs can bite when given some specific circumstances. There is a point where individuals can no longer tolerate interaction. Animals must be given space and opportunities to leave the interaction safely without having to warn the child, feel trapped or-worst case scenario-to escalate their defences in order to create distance.

Kids can be instructed about signs of stress in dogs and taught when to leave dogs alone. In addition, children must always be supervised to ensure you keep both child and dog safe.

Things to Avoid: grabbing tail / ears, climbing on, hugging and shouting. Be sensible, and be safe.