GVH News Catch-Up

GVH News Catch-Up Firstly, we hope you’ll join us in a big GVH welcome to the new member of our reception team, Maria. You may notice the absence of Mark for several weeks over June and July. He hasn’t abandoned us, but will be out of the country pursuing a research project on canine [...]

Don’t Forget to Control Fleas During Winter

Although flea numbers usually decline during the cooler months, it is worth remembering that the life cycle can easily continue all year long if dogs and cats live indoors. In fact, home heating provides an ideal environment for fleas to survive year-round. This allows newly hatched fleas to jump onto your animals and commence feeding [...]

August is Dental Awareness Month

August is our official Dental Awareness Month and as in the past we are offering free dental checks for your pet during the promotional period.     Bookings are essential.

Visit us on Facebook

Our Facebook page continues to grow with now over 580 people liking us. We have run several competitions with winners earning themselves 15kg bags of Eukanuba Foods. One generous winner who resides in Tasmania kindly donated her 15kg bag of Eukanuba dog food to The World League for Protection of Animals based here in Gladesville. [...]

October Pet Photo Display

During the month of October we would like to invite you, our clients, to send us a copy of your favourite photo of your pet for us to display on our waiting room noticeboard.   You are welcome to email us your favourite photo, but we ask that first you compress the size before emailing.

Lead Poisoning by Dr Deepa

Our pets have a tendency to chew on things that we wouldn’t expect them to.  As a result, they may ingest substances that lead to poisonings and toxicities that can make them quite unwell.  Lead is one such toxic material, which is most commonly found in household items such as paint, linoleum and plumbing supplies.  [...]

Did you know….

A group of cats is called a clowder, a male cat is called a tom, a female cat is called a molly or queen while young cats are called kittens. If left alone, a dog will spend up to 3 hours a day re-marking its scent posts. Cat milk is 10% protein, whereas cow [...]

Winter Aches and Pains by Dr Stephanie

Arthritis, also known as osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease is a common condition in middle aged to older dogs and cats. As we go into the winter months, it is important to be aware of the signs of arthritis as this is when our pets suffer most. Arthritis is very commonly left undiagnosed and untreated as [...]

Reproduction / Breeding by Dr Rosalie

Many people consider breeding their dog or cat, partly for the experience of doing this, sometimes in the belief that this is a good way to make easy money. While I applaud  people breeding good natured, healthy animals and feel the experience of seeing new life being born and develop is great, it is definitely [...]

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