A Doe to Remember

The following article was contributed by Teresa Vallis, one of our long-standing clients. Thank you, Teresa   I remember the day well when I drove to the RSPCA at Yagoona to collect Daisy, a young black dwarf rabbit who had been languishing there for weeks. Plain rabbits are not so easily adopted. She had obviously [...]

An Author Amongst Us

Many of you will have seen Dr Mark Hocking or Dr Pam Short treat the trigger points of your limping dog or cat. Trigger points are localised "knots" that develop in the muscles, which are a common but under recognised cause of pain and lameness. Mark has a keen interest in the mechanisms that cause [...]

Building Update

Recent visitors to GVH will be forgiven for thinking the large square pit in front of the new building could possibly be a staff swimming pool…!!!   In fact it is a 23,000 litre rainwater retention reservoir which we opted to include in the renovations as one way we can do our bit for the [...]


GVH vet Dr Pam Short has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Australian Veterinary Association.   The AVA is the professional organisation for veterinarians across Australia, aiming to represent the veterinary profession with one voice.   Pam has been a member of the AVA since 1985. She has in the past served [...]

Feeding Your Bunny

Most of us tend to feed our pet bunnies incorrectly with too much grain and too many treats. These diets contain too much starch and too much protein. We describe rabbits as herbivores which indeed they are but even more correctly they are “leafivores” or “foliagivores”.   In summary, RABBITS EAT GRASS. They need lots [...]


All Lilies Are TOXIC to cats   All parts of the lily are toxic to cats if ingested.   Tiny amounts, even licking pollen from their coat, can lead to kidney failure and death within 3-7 days.

A new study by the University of Cordoba, Spain, has found that breed has little to do with a dog's aggressive behaviour. The study has found that bad training is the key ingredient to an aggressive dog.   The Spanish researchers studied 711 dogs (354 males and 357 females) of which 594 were purebred and [...]

What Kind of Dog Should I Get?

In considering the differences among dogs, understanding the dog breeds and what they are bred to do, help us determine the physical and behavioural traits suitable to fitting in with your families needs. Make sure you do some research and get the dog that is appropriate for your family.   Get professional advice if you [...]

Worms Worms Worms

We know it’s easy to forget to regularly worm pets throughout the year. But because worming treatments only kill the worms in your pet at the time of dosing and do not act like a vaccine, it is vital to keep up a regular worming routine.Intestinal worms may cause diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain, anaemia and [...]

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