A Cat’s Diary

Day 983 of my captivity.   My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects. They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while the other inmates and I are fed hash or some sort of dry nuggets. Although I make my contempt for the rations perfectly clear, I nevertheless must eat something in order [...]

Cats at The Hermitage

Last month I was able to fulfil my dream of visiting St Petersburg and the Hermitage. During my visit to the Hermitage I noticed several cats sunning themselves in one of the courtyards, they seemed well kept and happy there.   After the visit I came across an article in the Newsletter from the Hermitage [...]

Fleas Breed in Warm Winter Homes

A common misconception is that fleas die off during the autumn/winter period when the outside temperature drops. As a result, many pet owners cease using flea control during this time. However, the warm, heated home provides the perfect environment for fleas to breed.   Like many parasites, flea populations are strongly influenced by seasonal conditions. [...]

New Product

The DOOG walkie belt is an innovative new product for dog owners. It contains everything you need when out walking your dog, all in one handy, lightweight belt.     Features - Specially designed pockets allow easy access to the tidy bags & handy wipes.   - The tidy bags are not only biodegradable but [...]

One Goodbye and One New Face

It was with regret that we recently bade farewell to vet Lucy Blair. Lucy has decided to pursue a legal career, and is currently back studying at Sydney University. We won’t try to explain this move to you, because- compared to spending your working day playing with puppy dogs and pussy cats- we frankly find [...]


GVH June/July Hydrobath and Clip Promotion   During the months of June & July you will receive a   FREE bag of 3kg Eukanuba Dog or 1kg Iams Cat food with every Hydrobath or Clip at GVH.   Bookings are essential  

Puppy PreSchool Graduate

Puppy Pre School Graduate   “Daisy” is one of most recent puppy preschool graduates who even dressed in her cap & gown for graduation night!

Teaching the Next Generation

It has been a tradition of the Veterinary Profession that contributing to the education of the next generation of veterinarians is an important role in our working life. Gladesville Veterinary Hospital has been proud of their input in this regard over many years and a lot of our clients will have met some of these [...]

The Bells are Ringing

We are delighted to let you in on some good news from the GVH staff.   Recently vet nurse Jackie Wadsworth married the love of her life, to become Mrs Holzinger. Jackie has been with us for more years than she cares to think about- she did work experience with us as a school student, [...]

When is it Safe for Your New Puppy to Make Friends?

It’s always an exciting time when you bring home a puppy. We find that puppy mums and dads are always very diligent in bringing in their new companions for health checks, and in attending to their routine care such as vaccinations, worming and heartworm prevention. We also strongly advise that you enrol your youngster in [...]

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