A Day in the Life of a Vet Nurse

Hello, My name is Jo. I’m one of six Veterinary Nurses working at Gladesville Veterinary Hospital. Vet nursing is a wonderful career because you get to work up close and personal with the animals. Some animals are patients needing extra love and care, and lots of dedication from nurses. Other animals are boarders needing love, [...]

Ask Alex

Hi Alex,   It’s your favorite feathered friend here, ‘Lacy’ the Lovebird.   Winter is finally upon us and there is no better time to snuggle up in front of the open fire or a heater.   Just a reminder to all those bird lovers out there, if you have an open fireplace or an [...]

Road Testing Designer Cross Breeds

For years most cross breed dogs were Heinz varieties with multiple ingredients and unplanned births. In recent times there has been a trend to design cross breeds by combining 2 breeds to give a new variety such as a labradoodle, schnoodle, pugalier, even a shitpoo (probably best called a zoodle) and so on. The result [...]


Every dog and cat should be vaccinated annually. These vaccinations are vital to maintain immunity against easily transmissible life threatening diseases. A puppy or kitten course does not maintain lifelong immunity, nor do infrequent boosters. Core dog vaccinations include parvovirus, infectious hepatitis, distemper (these cause severe systemic disease and are often fatal) and 2 causes [...]

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