Behavioural Issues

Millions of dogs are euthanased each year because of behavioural problems. Most of these problems are preventable. Prevention is always more desirable than attempting to cure a problem once it has become entrenched.   Preventative training is the key to avoiding troublesome situations with your dog. A tiny pup with no bad habits is far [...]

Cat Abscesses

Cats frequently fight with each other. What starts out as a seemingly innocuous puncture wound can rapidly progress to a serious abscess causing fever, pain and even septicaemia.   The cat’s tooth or claw will puncture the skin introducing bacteria. The small puncture wound then closes over sealing the infection inside. Initially, there is painful [...]

Do Strokes Occur in Dogs?

Strokes in dogs are VERY rare. Strokes involve acute blockage or rupture of a blood vessel in the brain, and subsequent brain haemorrhage. This causes an acute onset of focal neurological signs, which vary depending on the site, extent and time course of the stroke. Most common signs are weakness localized to one side of [...]

Grooming Matters

Grooming Matters At GVH we are now able to offer you the services of a qualified professional groomer. Hailing from the misty shores of the Emerald Isle, Angela joined the Gladesville Vet Hospital family a few months ago, turning out canine and feline coiffures of distinction.   When necessary, your pet can be sedated and [...]

Meet the GVH Family Pets

Meet the GVH Family Pets   We here at GVH understand the loving bond you share with your pets because we share it too! From dogs and cats, guinea pigs and rats, birds of all different shapes and sizes right through to chooks and horses, between us all we’ve got them covered. So rest assured [...]

Thunderstorm & Fireworks Phobia in Dogs

Thunderstorms and fireworks cause considerable anxiety for many dogs. Fortunately a variety of techniques can be used (often in combination) to try to reduce their distress. These include: Allowing the dog inside the house where it feels more comfortable. Providing a small, enclosed cubby where the dog may feel safe. Behaving in a calm and [...]

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