A Really New Arrival

We have in the past occasionally used the headline “a new arrival” to announce the introduction of a new staff member, but this time the news is even more exciting. On May 22nd, Shannon’s wife Leslie gave birth to their second child, a bouncing baby boy. Jasper James weighed in at a healthy 9lb 13.5oz, [...]

Alternative Pets

When most people think of a pet they think of a cat or a dog. But there are alternatives, which may suit certain people and their circumstances much better than the traditional pets. However, there are some very good reasons why dogs and cats are popular. Generally carnivores are intelligent, they are capable of forming [...]

Cat Fights

One of the most common reasons cats are brought to us is for the treatment of cat fight wounds. Cats are, by nature, territorial animals and will defend their territory. The introduction of a new cat to the area, or one animal wandering into the territory of another cat, can throw the local social hierarchy [...]

Fleas Breed in Warm Winter Homes

A common misconception is that fleas die off during the autumn/winter period when the outside temperature drops. As a result, many pet owners cease using flea control during this time. However, the warm, heated home provides the perfect environment for fleas to breed.   Like many parasites, flea populations are strongly influenced by seasonal conditions. [...]

Is My Pet Going Blind?

Just like our own sight, our pet’s sight will often deteriorate with age. We’ll know very early on with our own vision whether something’s wrong – we won’t be able to focus on the newspaper print or read street signs as clearly …. and we’ll be off to the optometrist post-haste. However, unless your beloved [...]

Trigger Point Therapy

Do you have sore spots in your muscles when they are massaged? Do your muscles cause you stiffness, inflexibility and pain? Very often this is due to what are called Myofascial Trigger Points. Dogs and cats also get these muscle knots and they can cause the animal to limp, appear stiff or sore.   Trigger [...]

Veterinary Acupuncture

Acupuncture began to be practised in China around 2000 to 3000BCE. The first text on veterinary acupuncture was written around 650BCE. Modern interest in the west dates back to the 1970s, when China opened itself up to the rest of the world. There are now veterinary acupuncturists practising on all continents, there is an active [...]

Why Microchipping is Important

Gladesville Vet Hospital has stray animals brought to us on a daily basis and our task is then to try to reunite them with their owners before we are legally obliged to send them to the pound. It is of the utmost importance that all cats and dogs have reliable identification to allow us to [...]

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