A Winning Nurse

A few months ago, a very excited Practice Manager, waving competition entry forms in front of our noses approached the three nurses.   “WASH A DOG TO WIN” was the title, and it required vet nurses across Australia to produce an instructional video on how to wash a dog.   So that was it…the next [...]

Does Your Pet Have Arthritis?

The cooler months are starting to sneak up on us again, and as the temperature drops, I know I would rather stay in bed under a warm doona than brave the chilli, frosty morning air. So spare a thought for old Rex or Saffy, your much-loved dog or cat. Yes, pets really do feel the [...]

GVH Acceptance of Award at AVA Annual Conference

Many of you will be aware that Gladesville was honoured to be an inaugural winner of a national award for ‘Excellence in Customer Service’ at the end of last year.   This award was instigated by the Australian Veterinary Association & the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. There were six winners nationwide and Gladesville was the only [...]

GVH Staff: A Very Intellectual Bunch!!

There’s an awful lot of studious activity that goes on behind the scenes at GVH that we thought you should know about.   First of all, congratulations to Mark who has just passed his International Veterinary Acupuncture Society examinations with flying colours. Zoe is this year undertaking a distance education course in cardiology with the [...]

Update on SPCA Nepal

A very big THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to our collection box for SPCAN. We’ve had one very generous donation of $200, and together with collections made at the front desk we have accrued a total of $451-60 to send to Nepal.   At the moment it’s uncertain how the funds will be [...]

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