Comings and Goings

It is with heavy hearts that we recently bid farewell to vet Deepa Gopinath.  She has decided to devote the next little while to studying for her MBA at Macquarie Uni, and then who knows what will lay ahead for her.  Deepa will be filling in for us occasionally, so you may still see her [...]

It’s Spring time – Allergy time

Its springtime, the flowers are blooming, the grass is growing, the birds are nesting, people are sneezing and dogs are scratching. Is this all related? Well, the birds nesting isn’t, but the rest is.   Spring and Summer is when we most often see “allergic inhalant disease” (or atopy). This is a disease where the immune [...]

Otitis—Ear Infections

There are many things that dogs are good at and one of these is getting ear infections. Dogs have an L-shaped external ear canal which facilitates the trapping of moisture, yeast and bacteria. This combined with the limited ventilation of the L-shaped canal and the lid created by the floppy ears of some breeds [...]

Heat Stroke

With the summer months upon us, heat stroke in our pets is a real and present danger. Heat stroke can result in a complete shut-down of metabolic functions and can become fatal in an amazingly short period. There are a few important preventative measures that will hopefully allow your pet to avoid being one of the [...]

Did You Know—We Do Grooming @ GVH

Among the many services we offer at Gladesville Veterinary Hospital, we have a dedicated grooming    service to take care of your pet’s “bad hair day”. Our groomer Corinne Cucek is available every weekday by appointment. Corinne has been   involved in pet grooming since 1999 and joined the Gladesville team in 2013. Her skills range from a [...]

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