Seasons Greetings

All at GVH would like to wish our clients and their pets the very best for the holiday season. Most of you will have been aware of some changes on our end, particularly our new  association with the Vetfriends group in May.   The team that cares for your pets remains the same and is [...]

Sydney University Award for Gladesville Vets

Three years ago, while working at Sydney University, Deepa Gopinath and Max Zuber became involved in a project aimed at developing a model of a dog's abdomen that could be used to train veterinary students to desex dogs and cats. They were working with a company called Studio Kite whose expertise was in manufacturing models [...]

Heat Stroke in Animals

If your dog or cat becomes heat-stressed at home and you have air conditioning, use it. If the air conditioning system is confined to one room, put your pet in that room and be prepared to sit with her so she doesn't become stressed by your absence. If you don't have air conditioning, cover her [...]


"Hotspots" are a familiar summer-time problem for many owners of long-haired dogs. A hotspot is basically a focal area of bacterial dermatitis. It occurs because the bacteria which normally live on the skin- the "normal flora"- are given better than usual conditions in which to grow. Given ideal conditions- at least from the "bacterial point [...]

5 Tips for Safe Pets In Summer

It's that time of the year did that happen so quickly? The sun is (mostly) out, and with it there are days at the beach, BBQ's, holidays and festivities. Our pets are likely to enjoy all the extra attention from friends and relatives or they may accompany us on our holidays.While we are caught [...]

Pet Cancers- Lymphosarcoma

Lymphosarcoma (lymphoma) is a malignant cancer originating in lymphocytes, which are found in lymph nodes and almost all the organs and tissues around the body. As with all cancers, lymphoma occurs when some of these cells mutate into malignant cells, then divide uncontrollably into abnormal, cancerous tissue.   Lymphoma is probably the most common type [...]

Being Alex…

Our front of house kitty tells it like it is....... Well I've spent the past month dodging injections, spitting out tablets and generally giving all these daft people my sternest of looks. They think I have some silly disease....Lint-oma? Late-oma? Lymph-oma? Who knows..... I'm sure they just make these things up sometimes so that they [...]

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