Season’s Greetings & Welcome

Yet another year seems to have flown past before we realised it. For the staff of GVH, this past twelve months has finally seen us settling comfortably into our new digs. Most of you know something of the difficulties we’ve faced with our renovations.     We’ve now finally reached the point where we can enjoy [...]

Melbourne Cup Antics

GVH’s annual Melbourne Cup luncheon was far more glamorous this year than it has been in the past. Spurred on by the promise of prizes beyond imagination in our traditional “Best Hat” competition, our most recently arrived vets Stephanie and Deepa pulled out all stops to be competitive. We’re not sure that pet entrants is [...]

Heat Stroke

With the summer months upon us, heat stroke in our pets is a real and present danger. It seems that despite the warnings that everyone hears through the media, each year we see cases of heat stress in animals. Heat stroke can result in a complete shut-down of metabolic functions and can become fatal [...]

Mast Cell Tumours in Dogs

What are mast cell tumours? Mast cell tumours are one of the most common type of skin tumours in dogs. They arise from mast cells, which are a special type of cell which play a part in the animal’s immune system. They are primarily found in the skin and play a part in inflammatory [...]

Is My Cat Going Crazy

The thyroid gland is a small pink gland that lies in the neck to either side of the trachea.  It produces hormones called thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), which play an important role in energy metabolism in the body.  When the thyroid gland becomes overactive and produces too much of these hormones, the condition is [...]

Gladesville Vet Research Report November 2011

Surgery Teaching  At Gladesville Veterinary Hospital we have long been proud of our role in educating veterinary students, particularly those from Sydney University however the latest vet to join our team has taken this to a new level. Prior to joining Gladeville, Deepa Gopinath was working full time in the Veterinary Faculty. Deepa was employed [...]

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