Christmas Thoughts

Once again the holiday season has rolled around with what seems like incredible speed. We'd like to thank all our clients who have helped us in many different ways throughout the year, and a particularly big "thank you" for your patience with our seemingly eternal renovation saga. We wish you all a merry Christmas, a [...]

Catalyst Comes to Gladesville Vet

Porscha as she appeared with Max on Catalyst. August 2009 There was a major public outcry in the UK last year when the BBC produced the documentary “Pedigree Dogs Exposed”, outlining the incidence of inherited diseases in purebred dogs. A major concern was the frequency of inbreeding of these dogs, claimed to be contributing [...]

Pets at Work by Alex the GVH Cat

I have decided to write this article in order to correct a cruel misconception which seems to be common among the clients of GVH- namely that I am a good-for-nothing cat who does nothing but laze around the practice, get in the way at the reception desk, knock over the liver treat containers in an [...]

Motion Sickness in Dogs

Enjoy an Outing with Your Dog A to B, Car-sick Free! The number of holiday destinations that accept pets is on the increase and there are opportunities to take dogs to pet friendly parks, beaches etc. Still, one in four dogs will suffer from vomiting caused by motion sickness1. It can prevent your whole family [...]

Parrots as Pets

Having a pet parrot can bring much joy. However, it is important to consider carefully a number of things before deciding that a parrot would make a suitable pet for you or your family. Birds of the parrot family include cockatoos, lorikeets, cockatiels and budgerigars among many others.   A small parrot like a budgerigar [...]

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