Ageing and it’s Effects on the Brain

As with humans, there is an increasing number of pets living to an advanced age. This means we are seeing more age related diseases in our pets including age related brain problems. This often leads to behavioural changes and behavioural problems in the older pet population. Our aging pets often show a decline in cognitive [...]

Paralysis Ticks

Tick paralysis is a potentially fatal disease of the nervous system and is caused by the Ixodes holocyclus tick, more commonly referred to as the “paralysis tick”. They are found along the eastern coast of Australia, and in areas of thick bushland. In our area, the period of greatest risk of tick paralysis is from [...]

Season’s Greetings

It’s hard to believe, but another year seems to have flown past. For both the staff of GVH and our clients, 2008 has presented its fair share of challenges. As many of you are aware, our major renovation project has been beset by several setbacks. The building has consequently been delayed significantly. Our staff have [...]

What happens when your pet comes for surgery?

When your dog or cat is admitted to hospital for surgery, it is natural to be anxious about what is going to be happening while she’s away from you. We hope that this short guide to what goes on after he disappears through those mysterious double doors will help to allay any concerns you may [...]

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