Ear Infections

One of the more common reasons for a visit to the vet is an ear infection.   Dermatologists now agree that apart from ear mite infections, most of the bacterial and fungal ear infections we see are secondary to an underlying skin problem. The most common skin problems that cause this are allergies (such as [...]

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Flea Season Is Here – Protect your dog or cat

Sydney’s summer is perfect for fleas. Temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius, and humidity between 70 and 80% mean fleas like Sydney at this time!   Fleas cause irritation, itchiness, hairloss and flea allergy dermatitis – a severe skin   disease due to an individual allergy due to flea saliva. Fleas can also carry [...]

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Great Big Open Day Thankyou

A big “Thank You” to everyone who came along to help celebrate our Open Day.   We hope you enjoyed the tours of the hospital, the wildlife exhibit, and especially the sausage sangers. Stay tuned for our next big development- the hospital renovations which are scheduled to (hopefully!) be completed within the next 18 months: [...]

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New Pick Up And Delivery Service

We are pleased to advise our clients that we have purchased a small van and can now offer a pick up and delivery service for your pet.   Please call us on 9817 5758 if you would like more information about this new service.  

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Ringworm in Dogs and Cats

Ringworm is the common name for a skin infection caused by one of several Dermatophyte fungi. The name is misleading as the infection has got nothing to do with worms. Ringworm fungi can cause infection in many types of animals, including people, cats and dogs. The disease tends to show as reddish, scaly rings on [...]

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Welcome Lucy

A great big “Welcome to GVH” to our new vet, Lucy Blair. Lucy graduated from the University of Sydney in 2000. Some of you may remember Lucy’s smiling face from early 2003 when she did a brief locum for us. Since then, she spent 18 months working in the UK, and then was principally based [...]

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