Announcing a New Arrival

and this time it’s a REALLY new arrival. We’re happy to announce that our vet nurse Dani gave birth to her first child in mid-October: a little girl named April. She arrived just a few days behind schedule, but apparently in the process provided Dani with a profound understanding of why it’s called “labour”.   [...]

Christmas Treats

(or any other time of the year)     We all know that Christmas means lots of yummy food, so that our four-legged friends don’t feel left out, we are including a couple of recipes for dog and cat cookies.     Remember not to overdo it with the treats or you will find yourself [...]

Happy New Year

Everyone at GVH would like to take the opportunity of wishing all our clients a happy, peaceful and successful 2004. We hope everything you wish for comes your way. May your furry friends enjoy good health, and may their companionship bring you every joy.   Thanks also to everyone who sent us cards and gifts [...]

Hold Off on Those Treats For Fido!

A nutritional study carried out by one of the large pet food manufacturers and claimed to be the first-ever lifelong canine diet restriction study was published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association in 2002. It has shown significant benefits in health and longevity in dogs subjected to dietary restriction.   The study [...]

Old Age Should be Enjoyed, Not Endured

Behavioural changes associated with aging in dogs are becoming increasingly common as dogs are living longer, well into their elderly stages of life.   If your dog is feeling the effects of aging then they might show uncharacteristic behaviour.   As an owner you may notice that your dog is interacting less with family members [...]

The Festive Season – Fireworks and Fun?

The Christmas / New Year season is upon us. Time for parties, presents and, of course, *****Fireworks****.   Unfortunately many of our pets do not enjoy the fireworks. Maybe I should say, many of our pets, mostly dogs, are terrified of the fireworks. So what should we do?   Here are some tips to try [...]

Tracey’s Pride And Joy

Approximately three months ago our local council ranger came to see us with a litter of four newborn puppies which had been dumped.   Tracey Nash, one of our receptionists, couldn’t resist the sad, abandoned bundles of fluff and took it upon herself to hand rear them. For a considerable period of time, Tracey walked [...]

Welcome to Gayl

The new face you will notice gracing our reception desk is Gayl, who joined us at GVH in early December.   Gayl is a Glebe girl with four grownup children and a background in commercial art; while the environment at GVH may be a little short on artistic talent, we have on occasion been known [...]

Welcome to Kath

We’d like to welcome aboard our new associate vet, Kath Briscoe.   Kath was already quite well known to us at GVH before this year, having done her some of her prac work here as a student. She comes to us straight from the University of Sydney, where she graduated with First Class Honours. Her [...]

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