Arnie, Douglas And……….Max

It was Arnold Schwarzenegger who proclaimed in a gruff Teutonic timbre: “I’LL BE BACK!!” And of course, the Philippines just wasn’t the same until General Macarthur made good on his promise to return.   But Big Bad Arnie and General Doug weren’t the only ones. Yes, much as we might have been hoping that it [...]

How Do You Know If Your Pet Is Excessively Thirsty ?

Many owners assume that excessive thirst, or polydipsia, is normal and means that their pet is fine. There are times when animals need to drink a lot to replenish their body water, like if they have been for a long walk, or it is a very hot day, but consistently drinking excessively for days or [...]

Moving House And Your Pets

So you’ve finally made the decision to move home. You’ve packed, the removalist is on the way, so what about the animals?   How do we move our pets with minimal stress? Although most of our pets enjoy new experiences, they like their home routines to be stable, they get irritated if you even feed [...]

Pet Insurance

We commonly hear the refrain from clients: “If only there was insurance for pets!” after they have incurred significant costs for an illness or injury to one of the family pets.   Well …… there is!   In principle, we at Gladesville Veterinary Hospital encourage the concept of pet insurance. We regularly encounter situations where [...]

Veterinarian Mechanical Repairs

Time is finally catching up with some of our team members. Most recently, it has been Pam who has found that intermittent grease and oil changes have proved inadequate to keep the old jalopy running. Consequently, she will be taking a short leave of absence from the practice to have a major mechanical overhaul. All [...]

Welcome Gina !

You will have noticed a fresh new face at the reception counter over the past few weeks. Gina has joined our team on a part-time basis, bringing with her an interesting background. Descended from one of the original founders of BHP (unfortunately the family fortunes were lost somewhere along the way!), she spent a large [...]

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