Arthritis can affect one or more joints anywhere in your pet's body. The most common joints affected are the hips, knees, shoulders and elbows. Most of these joints depend on a layer of cartilage acting as a cushion between two bones. Arthritis causes this cushion to deteriorate, resulting in the bones rubbing against each [...]

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Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy

Keeping your cat entertained in your home can become a full-time job. That is why we have put together some tips to keep your indoor cat happy and engaged; Create a high area for your cat to perch Getting up high is an important way to relieve stress in the feline world. It is [...]

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Jump Into Tick & Flea Season – Protect Your Pets

While we're out enjoying the sunshine with our pets, fleas and ticks are quietly making the most of the season as well. While these little blood suckers can strike in any weather, the warmer weather in Australia seems to bring with it an increase in parasite infestations. Soft fur makes your pet a perfect nesting [...]

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Is Your Pet Showing Signs of ‘The Itch’?

As nice as it is to finally say goodbye to winter, spring brings its own challenges for some pets. Just like humans, dogs and cats often suffer from allergic reactions. While we pull out the tissues, our pets are more likely to wind up madly scratching, often to the point of breaking the skin. Watching your [...]

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