GVH Bitsa This, Bitsa That

COMINGS AND GOINGS   A quick update for you on a GVH staff change. Our very popular groomer Mel has unfortunately had to leave us, but for a very happy reason- she'll soon be adding to the "staff numbers" in her own family. Mel has been replaced by a new face, Diana, who has already settled [...]

Want a Strepsil?

In this edition we will discuss coughing in our canine and feline companions.  Coughing can be quite a distressing symptom in our pets, and is probably uncomfortable and sometimes exhausting for them.  Dogs and cats can have anything from a dry hacking or soft cough to a more productive and moist cough.  Coughing occurs [...]

Mange in Dogs and Cats

“Mange” is a skin disease of dogs and cats which can is caused by several different species of mites. Diagnosis of a mite infection is generally obtained during a consultation with your veterinarian when a sample is taken to look at under the microscope. The following is an overview of the common species and their [...]

Creating a Cat Friendly Home…some helpful tips

Cats love to play and owners should dedicate at least 5 minutes twice a day to play with their feline friend. Chasing and pouncing are part of the way they can express their predatory behaviours, and an ideal toy for this type of activity are the fishing-pole-type toys with feathers on the end.   Cats [...]

Being Alex

Our front-of-house feline shares his thoughts on the challenges and responsibilities he is faced with on a day-to-day basis.     Today started like any other day.  I awoke in my chambers, was brought out to reception as per usual, went outside to the little boys’ room and then came back in to settle in one [...]

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