GVH Founder Honoured

Dr Perry Manusu Receives His Award GVH founder Dr Perry Manusu was recently honoured with a Meritorious Service Award at the annual conference of the Australian Veterinary Association in May. The award recognises Perry’s contribution to the veterinary profession over his prestigious career. After graduating from Sydney University, Perry worked there as house surgeon. [...]

Introducing Our New Staff Member

Alex Greeting His New Apprentice It was way back in February of 1998 that the cumulative staff of Gladesville Vet Hospital decided it was time for a new face at the reception desk. Into our lives came GVH stalwart Alex (a.k.a. “Alexander the Great” Manraco), and things have never been quite the same [...]

Being A Baby Vet at GVH

I’ve always wanted to be a vet ever since I was three years old, and so it’s a very exciting (and scary!) time right now knowing that graduation is rapidly approaching after being accepted into veterinary science four and a half years ago. It’s also a very exciting time as being an intern, we get [...]


The eyes are complicated structures that have plenty of scope for things to go wrong. Each eye has a lens, that normally is positioned between the iris (the coloured part of eye that gives you blue or brown eyes) and the retina (the light sensitive layer at the back of the eye). The lens helps [...]

Lumps, Bumps and Warts – The Lumps We See

Skin growths are one of the conditions we see very commonly.   Because the skin is such a complex organ and contains so many different cell types, we can get a fascinating variety of primary skin tumours, cysts and so forth in the skin. There is also the potential for the skin to develop secondary tumours [...]

Dry July

Dry Dogs A huge "THANK YOU" from Tracey, Stephanie, Gayl, Jo, Brooke, Jamie and Pam- to everyone who contributed to the Gladesville Vet Hospital "DRY JULY" effort. We're happy to report that we all successfully made the distance, and are feeling not only extremely virtuous, but just a little bit healthier for our month of [...]

Learn About…Fruit Bats

Fruit Bats (Megabats)Megabats constitute the suborder Megachiroptera,  family Pteropodidae of the order Chiroptera (bats). They are also called fruit bats, old world fruit bats, or flying foxes.The megabat, contrary to its name, is not always large: the smallest species is 6 centimetres long and thus smaller than some microbats.      The largest reach 40 centimetres [...]

Learn About…Dingoes

Common coloured Dingo The Australian Dingo or Warrigal is a free-roaming wild dog unique to the continent of Australia, mainly found in the outback. Dingoes play an important role in Australia's ecosystems; they are the continent's largest terrestrial predator. Because of their attacks on livestock, dingoes and other wild dogs are seen as [...]

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