Comings and Goings

Time to bring you all up to date with some changes of personnel that have occurred at GVH over the past few months.   Arrivals: A big welcome to our new receptionists Hazel, Helena and Karren, and our new nurse Brooke. To all- may your association with the GVH family be long and happy.   Departures: [...]

Bali Street dogs

Our newest vet Adele is at present organising a working holiday with the Bali Street Dogs charity for the end of October. She wants to put her new skills that she has (and is) learning from being at GVH into good use with dogs that do not have the benefit of an owner to care [...]

Moocooboola Festival … A Dog’s Day Out

The Gladesville Vet Hospital team were delighted to be the sponsor of the inaugural Dog Show at the Hunters Hill Moocooboola Festival on Sunday 2nd August.   What a day was had by the local dogs. The weather was perfect, they had lots of other dogs to meet and greet, plenty of treats to consume, [...]

Nicks From Sticks

Some dogs love nothing better than a trip to the park with Mum or Dad for a good, long session of chasing and retrieving sticks.   Unfortunately, we occasionally see dogs with significant injuries incurred from sticks ending up in the wrong places.   Sticks come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and textures. [...]

Spring Stings

As Spring time bursts onto the scene, plenty of activity starts up around the garden. Trees, flowers and shrubs come into bloom, and along with the flowers come lots of bees, wasps and other insects on the lookout for a good feed of pollen.   The downside is that buzzing, moving insects are a huge [...]

Tick Time

Just a reminder that with summer approaching, tick season is coming. Previous newsletters have given quite a few details about ticks but if you have any queries we have a good brochure available and also we sell tick hooks which make removing them very easy.   Sydney has a number of species of ticks, one of [...]

What Kind of Dog Should I Get…? Part 2

Breeds are so different from each other that one dog can be perfect while another would never successfully fit your home. Expect that, in a mixed breed dog, the most difficult traits of each breed will prevail. Wishful thinking doesn't shape a dog's temperament: genetics, early life experiences, management and training do. A dog's genetic [...]

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