Ask Alex – Q & A

Hello to all my fellow feline and canine friends. In case you haven’t met me, I’m Alexander (The Great) the Gladesville Vet Hospital clinic cat. I spend my days meeting and greeting all of the animals coming to the vet.   My job is to answer any questions that my fellow animal companions may have. [...]

Awards for GVH Team

July was a big month for awards for the Gladesville Veterinary Hospital at the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists “Science Week” held on the Gold Coast this year.   Max Zuber and Mark Hocking were co authors of a paper in the Australian Veterinary Journal with Andrew Worth from Massey University in New Zealand. This [...]

Chemotherapy for Pets

Mr Bozzly is a 3 year old Labrador that was diagnosed with lymphoma in February this year.   Lymphoma is a cancer of lymphocytes (white blood cells), similar to non-Hodgkins lymphoma in people. It can affect dogs of all ages.   Without treatment the prognosis is very grave – just 4 to 6 weeks to [...]

Dangerous Foods For Dogs

Some foods that are safe to eat for humans can be poisonous to dogs. These include chocolate, onions, garlic, macadamia nuts, grapes and raisins and rising bread dough.   Chocolate contains chemicals, such as theobromine and caffeine, to which dogs are particularly sensitive. The darker or more bitter the chocolate the more toxic it is. [...]

Gladesville Gutbuster Success Stories

Case Study 1 Boof Twist is a 5 year old boisterous male Labrador who didn’t really have a place to call home until a year ago. Boof had spent a lot of time trying to find a home. He went from family to family, back to the breeder and was on his way to the [...]

Pet Insurance

Do you feel like you are spending more on your pet’s health than on your own…??? The solution is pet health insurance. At Gladesville Veterinary Hospital we encourage owners to take out pet insurance. We regularly encounter situations where a much loved pet suddenly requires expensive veterinary treatment – which can be a serious financial [...]

Wellness Checks

For many years in the veterinary field we have been emphasizing prevention of infectious diseases with vaccination and heartworm preventatives. In the human medical field they have also been emphasizing early diagnosis of diseases where this may radically alter the long term outlook.   So I, like most women, am routinely having PAP smears taken, [...]

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