Aural Haematoma

Some of you will have had a pet whose ear flap suddenly became swollen. Shaking the head or scratching the ear may cause damage to a blood vessel that runs through the ear flap, leading to the development of an accumulation of blood beside the ear cartilage, which is known as an aural haematoma. The [...]

Delta Dog Safe Program is Coming to Gladesville

An educational package has been developed by Australian health professionals, veterinary behavourists and education consultants to reduce the incidence of dog bites in young children. Delta Dog Safe Ô is a positive, dog friendly program which teaches young children (and their parents) about safe and sensible behaviour around dogs, both the family pet and the [...]

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

What is Feline Immunodeficiency Virus? Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is a virus that infects cats and can cause progressive disease. The virus itself belongs to the group of viruses that include human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) which is the cause of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in humans. Although HIV and FIV belong to the same family [...]

Introducing a New Dog into Your Family

Introducing a new dog into your family when you already have pets can be a challenging but rewarding experience. There are a few basic guidelines you can follow to make the transition process smoother.   If you are choosing a new dog (as opposed to it choosing you!), avoid breeds with a reputation for aggression. [...]

Is Your Pet Overweight?

...25-40% of pets are! Overweight dogs and cats are at a higher risk of developing health problems including heart disease, arthritis, pancreatitis and diabetes. Being fat reduces a pet’s life expectancy and their quality of life.   How to tell if your pet is overweight:   Ribs - run your fingers along the chest of [...]

Mammary Tumours in Dogs

We all know that women are prone to developing breast cancer. It is less known by pet owners that the incidence of mammary tumour development in dogs is even higher – 1 in 4 unspayed bitches will be affected!   Spaying or desexing protects against mammary cancer.   Spaying before the first heat cycle reduces [...]

Snail Bait Poisoning

In memory of Bella Williams and Aleisha Rogers   Despite the current dry weather, we have had several cases of snail bait poisonings recently. Seven dogs and 3 households were involved, and in all cases the bait was thought to have been kept in a place where the animals couldn’t get to it. The 2 [...]

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