Happy Snaps

Harry & Daffy This is Harry (dog) and his friend Daffy (rabbit) enjoying a quiet moment together on Harry’s mat. This photograph was taken by their owner Belinda. Banjo This is Banjo the Sulphur - crested Cockatoo enjoying himself in the waiting room. Banjo’s owner is collecting him after spending some time away from his [...]

Muscular Aches And Pains

Many people, as well as dogs and cats, have sore spots in their muscles that develop after injury or repetitive strain. These localised painful areas are called Myofascial Trigger Points. The muscle fibres in the area of the trigger point are in spasm and can stay this way for months to years. A muscle with [...]

New Arrival: It’s A Bouncing Baby Boy!

GVH is happy to announce our latest staff member arrival. Matt McLennan, our new vet, began with us on August 12th.   Matt graduated from the University of Sydney two and a half years ago- in fact he and Zoe are old classmates. Matt has been working at the RSPCA since he left University, and [...]

Skin In Springtime

It’s springtime, the flowers are blooming, the grass is growing, the birds are nesting, people are sneezing and dogs are scratching. Is this all related? Well, the birds nesting isn’t, but the rest is.   Spring and Summer is when we most often see “allergic inhalant disease” (or atopy). This is a disease where the [...]

Update On SPCA Nepal

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just sent off our first consignment of cash to the clinic in Kathmandu. It’s a particularly timely contribution: Nepal has had unseasonally heavy rains, and the meagre funds which the clinic had available had run out before the planned shelter was complete. So our contribution will have a very [...]

Warm Weather Nasties

With the arrival of the warmer weather, dogs and cats will start to venture outside more, rather than just lying beside a heater. During their romps in the park, walks through reserves or treks around their well-worn neighbourhood beat, they may pick up some seasonal blood-sucking nasties!   The first of these is the paralysis [...]

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