Dog Vaccination: The Value of Vital Veterinary Vaccinations

In the early 1980’s, I worked as a veterinary locum in the midlands of England ...yes, I have been a vet for SO long! This was a mining community and the time was during a protracted mining strike which some of you will recall. The local economy was extremely depressed and routine preventative visits to [...]

Fido’s Fun Fair: Boronia Park 2.9.2000

At 3.00am on Saturday the second of September the rain was tumbling down and there were a few Gladesville Vet staff awake, worried about how the weather was going to treat us for our annual involvement in the canine carnival that Fido’s Fun Day has become. Well, the wind blew away all the clouds and [...]

Older dog health needs: New Treatment for Old Dogs

Does your aging dog display any of the following behavioural patterns?   · Loss of toilet training habits   · Lethargy and disinterested in life in general   · Staring vacantly into space   · Barking for no reason   · Sleeping all day and restless at night   · Loss of appetite   · [...]

Terrific Teeth for your Dog or Cat

Imagine if you could not eat anything, the only way you could get your sustenance was to slurp through a straw! Neglect your teeth, and they will FALL OUT. Our teeth have to last a long time, and they work very, very hard in their lifetime! Humans can care for their teeth by brushing and [...]

Welcome to New Faces

Over the past couple of months we have had two new staff members join the GVH team.   Tracey, our new receptionist, started with us at the end of June. Tracey’s past work experience has been in the secretarial and administrative fields, so the "bodily fluids" aspect of working in a vet hospital is something [...]

Zoonoses – Dirolfilariasis or Heartworm

Heartworm is a common and serious disease affecting dogs in Australia. The parasite is spread by mosquitos and is present throughout Australia, especially along the eastern seaboard being most prevalent in the tropical north. A percentage of cats also become affected by heartworm. Tablets are available to prevent this disease.   The dog heartworm, Dirofilaria [...]

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