Comings and Goings

Goodbye Tracey We have a few items of staff gossip to report to our regular readers. Recently we have reluctantly bid farewell to long-standing receptionist Tracey Henwood, who has moved on to employment in the education field. Tracey’s happy smiling face and infectious laugh has been a familiar part of the practice for [...]

Dr Graeme Allan

Many of our clients will be aware that Dr Graeme Allan together with his associate Dr Rob Nichol have been providing specialist imaging services to our patients.Graeme has been associated with Gladesville Vet since we started our nuclear medicine work in the 1980's. He continues his role today doing lot of our specialist ultrasound examinations and helping [...]

Facebook and Gladesville Vet Hospital

Like us on Facebook It has taken some time and encouragement from our families and younger members of staff but we have finally taken the plunge and launched ourselves into this online community.We are up a going and aiming to provide some current information not just about pet care but also newsworthy information [...]

TOXIC Plants

Many household plants are toxic to our pets and some can be fatal. Often they may have a bad taste but this is sometimes ignored by dogs, especially curious puppies.Here are three particularly poisonous plants that your pet should be wary of: Brunfelsia or Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow is a popular garden shrub in Sydney. It has beautiful [...]

Did you know…

The common goldfish is the only animal that can see both infra-red and ultra-violet light. Emus have double-plumed feathers, and they lay emerald /forest green eggs. The fingerprints of the koala are virtually indistinguishable from those of humans, so much so that they could be confused at a crime scene. Roosters can't crow if they [...]

Understanding Your Pet’s Blood Tests

Often when we are in the process of investigating a patient’s illness, we may recommend to you that we perform blood tests to help us in reaching a diagnosis. In veterinary practice many of the tests that are available to us are much like the ones you would be familiar with from your own experiences [...]

Urinary Incontinence in Dogs

Who me...???? Urinary incontinence is the inappropriate passage of urine.  It can be caused by congenital abnormalities, which the animal is born with, or acquired disorders.  Signs of urinary incontinence include the involuntary dribbling of urine, which may be noticed as puddles left behind particularly when the dog has been sitting or sleeping [...]

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