GVH Comings and Goings

As GVH expands into an ever bigger practice, we seem to increasingly need to let you know about staff comings and goings within the hospital. One recent departure was Jade, our very extroverted receptionist who has decided to seek warmer climes and has moved to Cairns.   Our long-serving nurse Laura has taken up full-time studies [...]

Service Dogs Come to Gladesville

Service Dogs Come to Gladesville No, we were not being burnt down, robbed nor under attack from a foreign country but on Sunday 30 January we had representatives from the Fire Brigade, Police, Air Force, Corrective Services and Customs all arrive for a day at the Gladesville Vet Hospital.   Many were in uniform and armed [...]

Engineers Find Cats Lap With Just Tip of the Tongue

The following article, written by Nicholas Wade, appeared in the Science section of The New York Times,  published November 11, 2010.We thought it might be of interest to our readers…!!! For Cats, a Big Gulp With a Touch of Class Dog owners are familiar with the unseemly lapping noises that ensue when their thirsty pet meets [...]

Ol’ Blue Eyes!

Nuclear Sclerosis vs Cataracts “My dog’s eyes look blue. He must be getting cataracts”. It’s common for our old canine moggies to get a bluish cloudy appearance in their eyes when they age. The common assumption is that they are developing cataracts This is not always the case.Cataracts are opacities within the lens of [...]


We have been informed that there will be a baiting programme across local parks in the near future using the highly toxic poison 1080. This is a measure which is instituted periodically to control the feral fox population.   It is also planned to lay Pindone baits, targeted at rabbits.  Please exercise extreme caution when [...]


We have been informed by the authorities that there will be a new release of the fatal Calicivirus across northern Sydney, including national parks, in late March. This measure is designed to control populations of feral rabbits and reduce their impact on our natural environment and native animals. Unfortunately, pet rabbits are also susceptible to [...]

Foreign Bodies

Q: What do international supermodels and corn cobs have in common? A: They both can be considered to be “foreign bodies”. So what is a foreign body, and why mention it in a newsletter article? In the veterinary field, a foreign body is an object in the wrong place. We see skin-penetrating foreign bodies such [...]

Cruciate Disease in the Dog

The stifle joint has the same structure as the human knee and the cruciate ligaments are located inside the knee and join the femur, in the thigh, and tibia, in the calf area, together. They are called cruciate ligaments because they cross over each other inside the knee. The cranial cruciate ligament limits twisting and [...]

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