With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to issue our annual reminder not to give in to those big brown pleading eyes and allow your dog to have any chocolate. It seems too cruel to be true, but chocolate can be FATAL to dogs. The toxic substance contained in chocolate is theobromine, and its [...]

Fun Facts

Two dogs survived the sinking of Titanic, yes that's right, two DOGS survived. They escaped on early lifeboats carrying so few people that no one objected. Miss Margaret Hays of New York brought her Pomeranian with her in lifeboat No. 7, while Henry Sleeper Harper of the publishing family boarded boat No. 3 with his [...]

Grooming at GVH

Did you know we have a professional groomer on staff? Angela, our pet groomer is available for bookings on:   Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.   Prices for a hydro-bath include a blow dry and nail clip.   Full and partial clipping are also available.   Bookings are essential.   Phone: 9817 5758 to make [...]

Gut Busters Animal Obesity Clinics

Gladesville Vet Hospital has developed a weight loss program to assist your pet to have a healthier and longer life.   The Gladesville Gut Buster program will be able to ensure your pet reaches its optimal weight by increasing exercise and reducing calories. This program will mean fortnightly weigh-ins are   performed and measurements taken [...]

GVH First Aid Kits

Kits include- Tweezers Scissors Gloves Cotton Balls Leucoplast Roll Thermometer Sodium Chloride Chlorhexidine Irrigation Solution 0.1% 30ml 2 Tick Twisters (RRP $18) 5cm x 5cm Dressing 10cm x 10cm Dressing 10cm x 10cm Paraffin Gauze Vicose Wadding 75mm x 3m Conforming Bandage 75mm x 1.5m These kits are fantastic value at only $30.00 each

Having Fun with Your Dog

Are you bored with the usual walk around the park? Looking for something more challenging for both yourself and your dog?  Why not give agility classes a try.   Patterned after show jumping, agility courses are made up of a series of obstacles including tunnels, weave poles, A-frame, seesaw and several types of jumps that [...]

Injured Wildlife

Australia is renowned for its wide variety of native birds and wildlife. While a lot of these special creatures live outside the city, many also make homes in our backyards and surrounding areas. Like all creatures, native animals sometimes need veterinary help. So, what do you do if you find injured or possibly injured animals? [...]

Is my Dog is ill? What you should be looking for

Knowing if your dog is unwell is often quite difficult. The following are some common emergency situations and ideas for how to manage them. Stomach Pain If your dog is showing signs of abdominal pain, such as tenderness to the touch, standing with his back arched, or refusing food, you should take him to the [...]

More than you wanted to know about Anal Sacs

What on Earth are Anal Sacs? Anal sacs (also called anal glands) are two small glands just inside your pet’s anus. The material secreted into these glands is thick and foul smelling. Most animals can empty these glands voluntarily for scent marking or in self defence (like a skunk). Domestic animals have largely lost the [...]

Puppy Pre School

Like children, puppies learn very fast at an early age. It is therefore important that what we teach them during this early stage results in a well behaved and social integrated adult pet.   By starting now we can discourage annoying puppy behaviour such as biting, digging, barking and chewing, and teach our pups accepted [...]

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