Creating a Dog Friendly Home

Dogs (especially puppies) are renowned for their inquisitive nature and their ability to find just about anything (even old, smelly shoes) palatable. Unfortunately, this curiosity can sometimes cause harm when the object or substance they are chewing is potentially toxic or harmful. For this reason, it is important to ensure your house and gardens are [...]

Disaster Preparation

Nobody likes to think that a disaster, like a bushfire, is going to affect them, but unfortunately they do and in the event that it does strike, it is better to be prepared than regret your actions. Being prepared for these scenarios will make a difficult time much easier and will avoid the worst-case scenario, [...]

Greyhound Rehousing

Earlier this year I was told of a 3 year old male greyhound that had been left with the RSPCA in Somersby. His name is Ty and he had already been there for 10 weeks.   Touched by this greyhound’s gentle temperament, the coordinator at Somersby had held on to him for longer than usual, [...]


We all know that vaccinations, worming, flea treating and regular visits to the vet is in good health for your pets but regular exterior grooming is also in good health for them. Ensuring that your pets mouth, ears, nails and coat are clean and unmated is as simple as taking the time to brush your [...]

The Hazards of Boarding

Boarding your dog or cat can provide a convenient solution to the problem of organising responsible and worry-free care for your pet while you take that well-earned break. When something unexpected happens, most people are quite surprised- although in fact, minor problems are not that unusual.   We not infrequently see dogs coming back from [...]

Understanding Your Dog

One of the reasons dogs make such great pets is due to the remarkable way they can communicate with people. Your pet sees you as an extension of its own canine family and is quick to interpret your moods and intentions.   In fact understanding how your dog communicates can make living with one a [...]

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