A Star Among Us

Many of you will already have made acquaintance with our new vet Kath Briscoe.   We knew when Kath started with us that she was pretty darned smart, and that she would be awarded First Class Honours for her veterinary degree from Sydney University.   The big news at her graduation ceremony (though not all [...]

Bilateral Salpingectomy, Oophorectomy and Hysterectomy (BSOH) ….or Spey

For many years I have been teaching veterinary students about surgery and one of the topics I have lectured on is speying dogs and cats.   In giving these lectures I have used the technical term bilateral salpingectomy, oophorectomy and hysterectomy to emphasise to students that the surgical procedure for speying animals is not an [...]

Exams, Exams and More Exams…

Sitting for examinations seems to be some sort of virus among the GVH staff, doesn’t it? Shannon, our tall, good-looking vet with the southern drawl, has just returned from a month’s leave back to the USA. During his stay there he successfully sat for his US State Board exams. These are a gruelling series of [...]

Half Yearly Report on our Sponsored Horse Bobby

Lyn Lazarus, the riding coordinator for the Riding for the Disabled Association (N.S.W), has kindly penned this report on “Bobby”.   “Bobby” together with his workmates, “Omar”, “Major”, “Khal”, “Bud”, “Tiger Jones” and “Levi” boarded their transport towards the end of December to travel to their holiday destination at Wright Creek, which included a sea [...]

Heartworm Disease

Do I Really Need to Protect My Dog? Heartworm disease is caused by a parasite that is spread by mosquitoes. When a mosquito bites a dog with heartworm, it becomes infected. Your dog becomes infected when an infected mosquito bites it. As Sydney has a humid climate with plenty of mosquitoes, there are lots of [...]

Injured Wildlife

Australia is renowned for its wide variety of native birds and wildlife. While a lot of these special creatures live outside the city, many also make homes in our backyards and surrounding areas. Like all creatures, native animals sometimes need veterinary help. So, what do you do if you find injured or possibly injured animals? [...]

Our Hero Herman

Herman is a handsome 16month old ginger puss belonging to Yvette who many of you will know from her time as a receptionist with us. Yvette is currently involved in running our Puppy Pre Schools.   Herman was involved in a serious motor accident in mid-January. He was found on the road unable to move [...]

The Bells are Ringing…

or at least, they’re about to be.   Apparently there’s a bit of romance in the air this year….   As you all know, Zoe has moved over to WA to complete a residency at Murdoch University in imaging (Xrays, ultrasounds, etc). We received an email from her a little while ago announcing that she [...]

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