Getting A New Puppy

You are about to become the proud parents of a new, fluffy ball of puppy! Congratulations! But before you collect Fido, here are a few points you may like to consider…   All baby dogs grow rapidly in the first few months of life, much more quickly than a human does. A dog needs to [...]

Aussie Vet In Wales

Some of you might have been lucky indeed and met Lucy Blair, the locum vet who has been here for a few weeks helping out this Summer. Lucy had spent the previous two months working in a small animal practice in Cardiff, Wales and has kindly penned this article comparing working in Wales and in [...]

Students, Students Everywhere…

Continuing the long-standing tradition at GVH of fostering continuing education among our team, there’s a lot of studying in the air at the moment. Michelle finished her Veterinary Nursing course at the end of 2002 with more than flying colours- her results were stratospheric! We’re very proud of her achievement. Danielle will be studying for [...]


All at GVH would like to beg your indulgence for the next short period of time. We’re undertaking a major overhaul to a brand spanking new computer system, and to imagine that this will happen without any teething problems at all would seem to be taking optimism to an unrealistic extreme. Our big “Conversion Day” [...]

Welcome Shannon

We are delighted to welcome aboard a new member to GVH, Shannon Rich. Shannon is a recent graduate from the University of Sydney where he arrived via Atlanta, Georgia, USA.   Shannon has probably an unusual history for a recent graduate. After graduating with an Economics Degree from The University of Colorado in 1991, he [...]

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