Emergency First Aid

Dealing with Major Trauma in your Pet Dog Attacks and Car Accidents   Witnessing a car accident or dog attack on your pet is very stressful, but try not to panic! Traumatised animals most often need urgent veterinary treatment, especially if they are bleeding, extremely lame or moribund (recumbent and unable to get up). They [...]

New Endoscope

GVH TAKES DELIVERY OF NEW ENDOSCOPE   At Gladesville Veterinary Hospital this month we are certainly not looking down in the mouth. We are looking down in the stomach, small intestine and bowel.   We have just taken delivery of a video-endoscope.   At some stage many of we humans have trouble with out digestive [...]

Puppy Training School: Puppy Toilet Training

Toilet training a puppy can be one of the most frustrating things for a new owner, but it can be accomplished relatively quickly by using the correct technique.   It is important to take the pup outside every hour to allow him to relieve himself. Try to keep your pup in a reasonably confined area [...]

Talk and Tour

GVH TALK & TOUR   Just a quick reminder about the GVH "Talk and Tour" evenings. During these evenings, which we are holding on a regular basis, we have a short presentation by one of our vets on a topic which we hope will be of interest to you. This is combined with a tour [...]

Tapeworm in Dog & Cat: Hydatid tapeworm

The dog tapeworm, Echinococcus granulosus exists in domestic and feral dogs, foxes and dingoes. The intermediate hosts are sheep and to a lesser extent cattle, goats, wallabies, kangaroos and pigs (including feral pigs).   This tapeworm is different to the more common flea tapeworm’s segments which can be seen in your dog’s faeces. The Hydatid [...]

When My Pet Has An Operation

JUST WHAT HAPPENS WHEN MY PET HAS AN OPERATION?? When your dog or cat is admitted to hospital for surgery, it is natural to be anxious about what is going to be happening while she’s away from you. We hope that this short guide to what goes on after he disappears through those mysterious double [...]

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