At Canine College we concentrate on good manners and good leadership. Kind, gentle, consistent leadership is the key to having a well behaved dog. It is important to have a dog that understands your house rules and trusts you completely. A calm, content dog makes for a happy family.
For those who have done Canine College or about to, we have a new doggie walk for our Agility course. Our current classes tried it out last Saturday, some took to it like they had been doing it all their lives, while other dogs reluctantly looked at this new piece of equipment, faced their fears and did it anyway.
We obtain results with the use of a clicker which gives a clear, immediate sign to the dog that he has done the right thing. Clickers are simple to use and make training easier. Of course, we only use positive reinforcement for our training.
The areas we concentrate on are: deferring to owners for direction in any situation; walking nicely on lead; recall (coming when called every time); good manners while having fun with agility and games. Many dog owners come with their own concerns that need attention and we aim to address these issues during the course.
We have recently run our first Advanced Canine College Level 2. To participate in these classes dogs need to have graduated from Canine College Level 1 and maintained that level of obedience. A large part of the class is run ‘off lead’ and the dogs must focus on their owners ignoring what the other dogs are doing. The results have been very exciting…!!!
The dogs in this inaugural class just happen to be all Labradors of varying ages. The dog handlers also range in age. One handler, Jackson, is a senior high school student and doing extremely well with his young, very active lab called Dyson
This challenging course may not be suitable for all dogs; classes should be a happy experience for our dogs not a trial. Dogs that have completed the Level 2 course may continue training towards the Delta Canine Good Citizens Award.

Vintage shows how it’s done

Jackson with Dyson

Working ‘off lead’