Hello to all my fellow feline and canine friends. In case you haven’t met me, I’m Alexander (The Great) the Gladesville Vet Hospital clinic cat.
I spend my days meeting and greeting all of the animals coming to the vet.
My job is to answer any questions that my fellow animal companions may have. So please drop a letter into my ‘Dear Alex letterbox’ found in our reception area and I’ll get back to you in a future newsletter.
Dear Alex,
My owner gets annoyed with me when I scent spray the side of his favorite armchair.
I don’t mean to upset anyone, I just feel more secure when I smell my own scent.
Can you help me please Alex?

From Sooty
(I’m a 3 year black and white, male desexed cat)

Dear Sooty,
Scent marking is a sense of security to us felines, we feel more secure if we can smell our own scent. It’s also another way of saying this is my house and I’m going to let all those other cats know. The most common reasons for scent marking are setting boundaries for territory, feeling stressed or anxious, looking for a mate or having new feline competition living in the area.

Don’t despair Sooty, all you have to do is find a new spot outside to scent spray and avoid your owner’s armchair.

Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of the great outdoors there’s a couple of things that one of our vets can offer you. The first is a feline pheromone diffuser. This can be plugged in and the product will help calm you while your owner won’t even notice, as humans’ sense of smell is not as good as ours. There are also tablets that you can take if you are a particularly anxious puss-cat.
Dear Alex,
Over the last few months my owner has been telling me my breath smells horrible. This really hurts my feelings, as I am unable to brush my own teeth to make them smell better. Please Alex can you help me?
Austin (I’m a 9 year old German Shepherd)
Dear Austin,
I can certainly give you some special tips on how to get rid of that awful smell our owner’s call ‘doggy breath’. You might have noticed your teeth changing colour and your gums might be a little tender. These are some of the elements that cause bad breath, which is a sign of tartar build up on your teeth.
So Austin, there are a few things your owner can do for you. The best option is to scale and polish your teeth. This is done whilst you are under a general anesthetic and it’s the most effective way of removing all tartar leaving your breath smelling like roses.
Or some preventative treatments your owner can do at home are, manual brushing twice weekly with a finger brush and some doggy dental paste, or simply chewing on some raw bones at least twice a week will help keep the tartar build-up to a minimum.